WATCH: Hollywood Action Star Steven Seagal Says Duterte Is A 'Very Good President'

Hollywood action star Steven Seagal is currently in the country for his TV series 'General Commander'. He expressed that he is in fact a 'big fan' of the President Rodrigo Duterte and that of the administration.

In a press conference, some of the media representatives asked Seagal if he feels safe staying in the Philippines despite the alleged continuous killings of the criminals in the country.

The actor was quick to say yes, and he followed it up with his reason that he believes that the president is doing a great job in getting the control back for the people.
“I’m a big fan of the government, and I think Duterte is a very good president and he has been instrumental in making the Philippines a safer place. I think what he’s done is very good in terms of trying to get the control back for the people.”
In the end of his answer he even added that he doesn't feel that the Philippines is a dangerous place at all.
I don’t feel like that this is a dangerous place, you know a place that’s up and coming,”
 'General Commander' is a TV series about corruption, crime, and drugs. Seagal is going to stay longer here in the Philippines.

Aside from showcasing the beauty that the Philippines can offer, the series is also planning to hire Filipinos for it.

In the comments section, the netizens were also quick to agree and praise Seagal for appreciating the government despite him being a foreigner.

Some even noticed that Seagal said the president was a "VERY good president" but the caption only said "Good president"

Watch the video below:

Source: Facebook

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