READ: Netizen Explained The 7 Reasons Why ABS-CBN Chairman Gabby Lopez Deserve To Be Cursed

We all know the story where President Rodrigo Duterte cursed ABS-CBN’s chairman Gabby Lopez. We all know his reasons, but a video circulating in the social media sheds light to a more detailed explanation why we should curse Lopez.

The video starts by enumerating Gabby, his father, grandfather and even his uncle were all graduates of Harvard University in the United States. It stated that the things that he learned from Harvard should be the things that he in turn, practice and teach here.

He then enumerated the reasons why Gabby should be cursed and why he is not using what he learned from Harvard. It started with a video that ABS-CBN produced titled “The Philippine Economy During The Marcos Years.” Where, according to the video, Gabby made his people believe lies just so the Marcoses would turn bad in the eyes of the people.

1-ABS-CBN claimed that during the Magsaysay regimen, the exchange rate was P2 to $1 which dropped to P3 to $1.

What they didn’t tell us: The exchange rate was low during Magsaysay’s term because of the  Laurel-Langley Act. This act states that the Philippines’ economy is tied to that of the United States, that means that everything that can be used here can be bought by the US. Gabby allegedly knows this because their family exported sugar from Iloilo that time to the US.

2-ABS-CBN claimed that the “First Record of External Debt” of 2.1 billion was made by Marcos so he will be the first president to loan money for the Philippines.

What they didn’t tell us: Marcos loaned that money so he can finish the construction of some infrastructure projects like the Cultural Center of the Philippines and San Juanico bridge. Gabby allegedly knows this because during that time his uncle was the vice president and they also benefited from that loan.

3-ABS-CBN claimed that the GDP growth rate of the Philippines is at 7.3%, and they also claimed that in 1983, the Philippine economy fell because of Ninoy died.

What they didn’t tell us: The real reason why the economy fell is because of the oil crisis that happened during the mid-1970’s. Gabby allegedly knows this because they were the ones who helped Ninoy enter Harvard, and his Harvard friends are the ones who helped oust Marcos when Ninoy died.

4-ABS-CBN claimed that the GDP growth rate of the Philippines significantly rose when Cory Aquino took over.

What they didn’t tell us: The growth rate rose because of the investments that came in from Aquino followers who were able to study in the U.S. Gabby allegedly knows this because he and his friends who were able to study in the U.S. allegedly brought investments here in the Philippines.

5-ABS-CBN claimed that from 1984 to 1991, Japan relocated large-scale manufacturing investments to Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, but not the Philippines.

What they didn’t tell us: The reason why Japan didn’t invest in the Philippines is because the Lopez family and other families who were able to study in the U.S. rather spent their time ruining Marcos than create businesses that will help the Philippines. They did this because if Marcos was the bad guy, then they are the good guys. Gabby allegedly knows this because in all the generations that studied in Harvard, not once did they try to build a business that can compete with Japan’s.

6-ABS-CBN claimed that the Philippines was able to rise on 2004, 18 years after the ousting of Marcos.

What they didn’t tell us: There was no business that was established that can help the Philippines. Gabby allegedly knows this because Meralco was allegedly stolen from Americans, ABS-CBN was established by his dad, not him. And Lopez Holdings Corporation continue to be the no-good company it is, that is only going after those who are enemies of their family.

The 7th reason is that Gabby allegedly took Duterte’s campaign money but then, they never showed Duterte’s advertisements which he supposedly paid for.

The video ended with their last note that said:
“Gabby, kung gagamitin mo ang pinagaralan mo sa Harvard University Business School, lalong lalo na yung SUCCESSION (taga-pagmana), malalaman mon a ang tanging ginawa ng pamilya Lopez sa Pilipinas ay manira ng mga pangulo upang mapanatili ang yaman niyo!”
 Watch the video below:

Source: Facebook

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