Duterte Destabilizers Should Be Put In An Isolated Island Or Put Into A Mental Asylum - Political Expert

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is facing a lot of problems in an effort to raise the country from the pitiful state the last administration left it on.

When you ask the question of what the biggest problem of the president is, you will be given different answers by different people.

For instance, if you ask Jose Alejandrino, who is a keen political observer and a former consultant to the Ramos government, he said that he thinks that the biggest problem of Duterte is the unrelenting destabilization efforts of the opposing party, which results to us not being able to change for the better.

Furthermore, after pinpointing the president's biggest problem, Alejandrino suggested a solution that he thinks is just fitting for the opposition.

In a Facebook post, Abe Purugganan shared Alejandrino's message.

He started it by saying how the other known parties are giving the Philippines a bad reputation for the other countries, and how we have a political mess.
What is President Duterte's biggest problem? In my view, it is the continuous destabilization of the country by his enemies to hinder change. Since he took office over a year ago, they have not stopped in their efforts to dislodge him by exaggerated claims of EJKs, fake news by Opposition bloggers, by maligning him.
They are giving a bad image abroad of our country, of a country that is in a political mess. Corrupt and broken institutions like CHR and the Ombudsman have joined the conspiracy to discredit the president. 
Towards the end of the post, he recommended a solution that he said he knows will work.

How does one put an end to this charade? I had said before, and I repeat it again, the only way is for the people to grant Duterte provisional extraordinary powers to clean up the rot and the mess. Without such powers, he cannot institute meaningful change. The most recent example is the CA turning down his Cabinet appointees. 
By granting the president provisional extraordinary powers, these are a sword of Damocles hanging over the head of destabilizers. If they continue to misbehave, they can be put in an isolated island to plant camote or confined to a mental asylum. Believe me, it works.

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Source: Facebook

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